What Is Customer Service Automation? +Pros, Cons, & Best Practices

10 Ways Customer Service Automation Works Today

automating customer service

Whether a customer approaches the businesses with a query or complaint, a potential buyer has questions about their order or a previous purchaser is looking to repeat an order, automation can help. To measure knowledge base (or help center) effectiveness, compare the traffic to your knowledge base with your customer contact rate. It seamlessly integrates with your current systems, such as Intercom and Dixa, and analyzes channel traffic to ensure customers are served at the right time and in the right location. It’s like having a magnifying glass to uncover hidden patterns and trends. Leverage this valuable data to better understand your customers, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your offerings to their needs. Once you set up an automation, it’s easy to fall into the “set it and forget it” mentality, thinking that the process can be left to run on its own.


This article will explore the advantages of customer service automation for your business, and detail the perils of the process as well. IVR systems are a popular business phone system feature that interacts with callers to route them to the right human agent or department. Some IVRs can also collect information from callers, such as account numbers or menu selections, and pass it along to the chatbot or human agent. In fact (depending on the industry and specific business of course), we’ve found that on average only about 5% of customers actually fill out CSAT surveys. Sentiment analysis actually registers and identifies the emotional tenor of a customer, and it’s becoming a part of the customer service measure. The utility is flagging a customer who may be upset and then alerting a team leader or agent to interject and de-escalate the situation.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Also, messaging applications are a new trend to provide CSA, as millions of people are available on messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram. This makes it easier to communicate with the agents for everything in a one-stop platform. It could be to reduce the load of high volume or remove redundant tasks from the human agent’s purview. Use AI to help you come up with variations of it (different possible ways your users can ask the same questions). Hence it’s essential to get as much feedback from them as possible and plan your next steps for the business accordingly. But with a vast array of customers, it becomes impossible to keep an eye out and collect their views on time.

Not only does automation directly influence how many people actually end up speaking to an agent, it makes everyone’s lives easier once they do speak to an agent. Automation can make sure the inquiry is routed to the right person and the ticket is filled with information that’ll help resolve cases faster, driving down labor costs. Here are a few examples of automation use cases that drove businesses like yours to adopt customer service automation. With this feature, incoming queries are auto-assigned based on support agents’ availability, in a round-robin manner. With zero manual intervention, queries get assigned on time, making it easier to deliver timely support. Assesses the number of tickets created and resolved; measures CSAT and resolution times to highlight your team’s work.

Help desk and ticketing

Customers are reaching out to companies from various channels (see Figure 2). Automated systems can integrate support across multiple channels – like email, phone, live chat, social media, etc. – providing a consistent and seamless customer experience. Support customers with personal support and human agents when possible on complex issues and use proactive support to save time with easier customer issues.

automating customer service

Moreover, as customers use chatbots, you can use their interactions to improve the information you provide on your website, the way you engage customers, and your targeting. Adding a live chat to your website also enables you to monitor conversations to find the most common questions and find new ways to address them. For example, if you realize you have common questions about your return policy, you can add them to an FAQ section on your site. Automated customer service will streamline your internal and external processes, but it’s not solution. Automated customer service can drastically reduce customer service costs because it requires less human-to-human interaction.

Biggest benefits and risks of automating customer service

To augment this, you should look toward a solution that offers the ability to scale. At a recent NPR Intelligence Squared debate, IBM Project Debater challenged a top debater in real-time, adapting to counter-arguments dynamically. Discover how Verkkokauppa is saving 400 agent hours per week — and €330K per year — with automation. You can integrate bots with other applications and tools to fetch or push information. Intercom offers a collaborative inbox that provides consolidated information in one dashboard.

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For example, if you operate an e-commerce business that sells clothing, you may provide how-to guides for how to wash them to prevent shrinkage or pilling. Customer service automation software is only as effective as the initial setup. 1 True Health is a healthcare company providing better information, engagement, and protection to patients with chronic care conditions. The company engages with patients almost entirely remotely, achieving better engagement between them and their healthcare practitioners. Through the use of tools like remote visual assistance, the result has been the improved health and wellness of underserved populations, such as senior citizens.

For example, chatbots or virtual assistants can handle simple customer inquiries, while more complex tasks may require machine learning algorithms or natural language processing (NLP). Make sure the technology you use is reliable and easy to use for both customers and support agents. With the right software, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as responding to frequently asked questions and routing customer inquiries to the right department or agent.

  • And here’s an example of an automatic response for customers inquiring about the status of their order.
  • For example, if every one of your website visitors asks how late you’re open, that’s low-hanging fruit for automation.
  • Thanks to the evolution of AI in customer service, you can also deploy internal chatbots that are also known as agent assist bots.

Customer service automation refers to using technology and software to handle customer interactions and other tasks without human effort. Automated customer service provides customer support through automated technologies such as chatbots. We can’t talk about customer service automation without considering the price. According to McKinsey, businesses that use technology, like automation, to revamp their customer experience can save up to 40% on service costs.Companies can reduce the need for new hires as they scale. It improves workflow and saves time for more complex, individual customer interactions.

Automated email responses

The first objective here is to add live chat to your website and monitor the conversations. For chatbots, ensure that conversational capabilities have high standards. Provide ways for rapid escalation to a live rep rather than leaving a customer in limbo.

automating customer service

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